Here is how IGTV is a great tool for your business

Instagram is easily one of the most loved social media app for the users out there today. Be it the attractive interface or the ease of uploading photos & videos. However, when it comes to videos, Instagram allows only a 60 second limit to the video size.


IGTV – A boon for businesses to share videos for more than 60 seconds!!!

For those of you who don’t already know what IGTV is – It is the brand new Instagram TV created by Instagram (duh!) for users to generate video content more effectively. Lasting for almost an hour each, IGTV takes video content creation to a whole new level. Right from generating longer videos to personalizing your feed and reaching out to relevant followers; We assure this is a bliss for content creators to reach the next level.

Some of pros of IGTV include

  1. SPACE FOR ENGAGING CONTENT – As per statistics it was found that video usage on mobile has increased by nearly 10 million minutes in two years. Not just that, video is one of the most valuable marketing asset compared (63%) compared to blogging (60%), when it comes to social media. With almost 1 hour of video limit, IGTV is perfect to keep the user engaged at one stretch, as per the user interest.
  2. EASY TO COMMUNICATE – IGTV helps users and businesses to communicate via videos, which includes the use of emotions and words, making it much more effective, when compared to words- For example – If a restaurant wants to describe their dish, a video with effects, along with the chef giving his tips, will be more effective compared to pictures.
  3. IT’S CHEAP AND REACHES PROSPECTS WITHOUT A PENNY – Instagram algorithm helps your page by showcasing your IGTV episodes/ videos to relevant audiences, based on their interests without spending a dime; Giving you an advantage for potential customers to reach you, and not the other way round.
  4. EASY TO USE – Available on both Android and iOS, IGTV is a simple 3 step procedure. All you have to do is tap on the TV icon at the top right of your page or simply download the IGTV app. Followed by an option where you get an option to ‘create your own channel’ where you get to choose a name for your channel and set preferences. Lastly, all you have to do is tap the ‘+’ icon, and add the video of your choice online. P.S. Make sure it’s in the vertical format for best results.