The importance of right content on Social Media

Firstly, We can’t emphasize enough on the power of the right content and the impact it has on your business. The power of content is massive and one wrong step could cost your business. Some of the major mistakes agencies make with generating content is Generating mass content – The user for every social media platform is different and so is the audience for every business, which doesn’t make content a one size fits all concept. Every platform and business follows a different content strategy and not customizing your content based on the platform could lead to a loss of image reputation for a business. Not just that, the wrong content can mislead your existing and potential audience, furthermore, leading to a loss of customers and money.

But, we at Digital Lab specialize in Content Marketing, customized for your business and know the tricks of the trade to impress not just you but your numbers as well.

We are very well aware that Content was, is and will always remain king; And Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to generate engagement by using effective and relevant content.

If you’re looking to stand out from the clutter, we have just the right strategy for you!

Introducing the realm of content strategy!

There’s more to content strategy than just writing and creating a visually appealing media. A content strategy basically portrays and lays a foundation of who you are and what you do. Hence, you’ve got to set a well-planned strategy. The following are some key points we make sure to observe while developing content strategy:

  • Identifying your target audience – Knowing who your audience is will help guide you and your business in the right direction of creating relevant content. In order to identify your target audience, you need data on your audience’s demographics such as age, gender, parental status etc.
  • Understanding your position in the market and what makes you different – After analyzing your market and competition, we ensure to create and promote content that is best for you. One of our main focus points is to make you stand out compared to your competitors and ensure exclusivity in content marketing.
  • Content Types – The digital space is ever growing and various platforms are now enabled to share these various types of content. There are a wide range of content options to choose from that’s best suited for your audience. Some of the leading content options include: Case studies, E-books, Infographics, Videos, Podcasts. Keeping this in mind, we ensure which content works best for you; i.e. What content works best for your platform. For example – If you are a top notch restaurant of the city, showcasing your venue through Video Campaigns could be much more beneficial than using artworks for your content strategy. Hence, at Digital Lab, we ensure to customize your content based on your demographics, the platform of marketing used and what generates the best traffic and engagement for your posts.